Are the stroke indexes for the holes set by the Greens Committee?

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The setting of stroke indexes for the holes is the responsibility of the Match and Handicap Committee. The stroke indexes are used for two purposes. The first is for match play, where paramount importance is given to achieving an even spread of strokes to be received at all handicap differences over the 18 holes. CONGU provides a set of recommendations for this objective. The second use is in Stableford, Par and Bogey competitions where the need to have a uniform and balanced distribution of strokes is less compelling than the ranking of each hole in terms of playing difficulty. Like most courses, for simplicity and convenience to all we have opted to have a single set of stroke indexes for both match play and stroke play, so our stroke indexes have been assigned to follow both recommendations as closely as possible. This has resulted in there being a couple of holes which appear to have either a lower or higher stroke index than might be expected from a ranking perspective, but this is because they have been set primarily using match play considerations.